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Here's what people are saying...


9/21: From Tierra Pointer: ""Not sure if you remember, but I usually buy some of your smaller works at the local markets. And I made a joke to you last time that I hinted to my boyfriend that I wanted one of your purses. Well my birthday was the 30th and I got the best surprise. Your work is so awesome and I'm so grateful to own a bigger piece now."
8/21: From Marlena via Etsy: "Wonderful quality and timely delivery. Cards have always been one of my favorite pastimes- and I’m so glad I purchased this dark green leather holder to keep them safe and snug. Would definitely recommend this seller!"
8/21: From Tina Rena Barwick Lopes via Facebook: "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AWL MY LEATHER GOODIES. Yes I have worn both pair of moccasins with and without socks or insoles, in the summer, winter, and even rain. They are still good as new"
7/21: From Carla Groenenboom. Re: Summery Tote -  the Kimberly: "It is awesome, Tracey! Flawless!! Thank you for this unique bag and working so hard to make it such a quality piece!"
7/21: From Nichole via Etsy: "I love love the earrings!! They are way more beautiful than they even look online. And great durable quality."
7/21: From Dwight George via Etsy: "I'm a repeat customer because I like good craftsmanship and appreciate good service."
7/21: From Jennifer Sager Cosgrove via FB. Re: a custom expandable bag: " I absolutely love my bag and use it everyday- it’s my everyday bag that grows to handle light shopping and kids stuff - I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Dress it up or dress it down - this bag delivers quality and looks amazing."
7/21: From Lesly Oliver via website. Re: The "Summery Tote - the Lesly": "I received a beautiful hand crafted very special bag for my birthday this year. It's in my favorite color combination of aqua and white. It's perfect for the beach and well, perfect for everything. It is so beautifully made it rivals Italian leather shops for quality, design and finish. I am in love. It is the nicest and well made bag that I have ever had the pleasure to own and I'm someone whose collected a lot of handbags and pocketbooks in their lifetime. Thank you for making such a divine and beautiful bag. I know that everything you make is infused with love and care, it shows in the finished product. I wish I could add a photo, I hope you have a picture of this gorgeous bag to add to this review. Thank you.
5/21: From Toni via website: "Love, love, love my goodies! The smell of the leather is wonderful! Super fast service!"
5/21: From Alexandra via text:  "... Much love and appreciation. Hugs for you and your sewing machine!"
4/21: Sean Pohtilla via facebook: "...I've had this clip for over 25 years! I've tried other wallets/clips over the years, but every time I come back to this one. Awl-ways a reminder of my time in USVI, visiting family and making friends. Thank you Tracey."
3/21: Dwight via Etsy: "I make game boards. These pouches are perfect for storing marbles and dice. I do wonder why the drawstring is not made of leather but will purchase these again nevertheless."  (* * * NOTE * * * I use waxed cotton for the drawstring instead of leather because of thinness and strength. Leather that thin would not uphold the constant pulling when opening & closing the pouch.)
2/21: Ebonee via Etsy, Re: Suede Pot Holders: "Very well made and durable. Seems like it will last a long time. I haven't washed it yet, but seems like it will hold up well."
2/21: From Carrie via Etsy, Re: lighter cases: "Great gift! Loved it! A little hard to get the lighter in but it did finally fit and leather stretches so all good!!!"
1/21: From Lauren: "amazing packaging and customer service! as well as value the case is beautiful!"
1/21: From Jill Kolodziej: "I purchased 3 bags, red, turquoise, and green as "journey bags" for my grandkids. They are of good quality leather and well constructed. The pictures of them depicted the actual product. I am pleased with the purchase..."
12/20: Erika via text about a custom arrow quiver: "I love the quiver for my daughter, it's wonderful. Thank you :)"
12/20: Jan, Re: Backpack revamp & custom notebook:  "...Wanted to tell you how many compliments I get on my backpack you revived! I love it! The notebook cover is amazing and my daughter and son-in-law love it as well!..." 
12/20: Salley via Etsy, Re: Suede Pot Holders: "This is wonderful, I am very happy with it." 
12/20: K via Etsy (5 stars): Re: Playing Cards Case: "Bought this as a gift but we looked at it before gifting. It’s very nice, great quality and packaged up so cute. Thank you!"
11/20: Tommy via text, Re: his modified bag strap: "Just got my (man)purse from the mail and it is really is just what I wanted. Could not be any better..."
11/20: Tamera Atteberry via Etsy (5 stars): "These earrings are beautifully made, I know I’m going to wear them all the time. They are exactly what I was looking for!"
11/20: Perry Ortega via Etsy (5 stars) Re: Buffalo Nickel Mini Notebook: "Well constructed and classy in appearance. Also appears it will be durable. A great acquisition, and I suspect I'll be ordering more in the very near future as "stocking stuffers"....."
11/20: Marni via text about the zippered clutch bags she ordered: "My third order from Awl Made Here. I love the quality and can’t wait to give them out for the holidays!"
0/20: MaryBeth via text about her custom apron: "I received the apron and it's beautiful and fits perfect. I'll be wearing it to work this weekend and showing it off."... "Thank you so much! I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future"
10/20: Lindsay via email about her new Hip Pouch Money Bag: "Tracey!  You are AMAZING!  Your leather craftsmanship is gorgeous and I will be taking a picture and sending a 10⭐️ review for you!  I’ll have it done within the coming days!  Just wanted you to know that I received my goodie and am BEYOND IMPRESSED.  Thank you again for your stellar work!  Talk soon 🙏"
10/20: Sharon via Etsy (5 stars): "I love these [mini] notebooks! I bought 1 for myself & 1 to give as a gift! Some of us still make notes & write things down to remember, instead of using our phones...REALLY Nice little notebook to keep in the console of my car!" & "These bookmarks are SO NICE! They’re perfect stocking stuffers & great to give with a book! Love the tree design VERY COOL!" & "I love the key straps! Tracey is SO GREAT to work with! I will probably be ordering more of these!
10/20: Jillian via Etsy (5 stars): "Love my earrings the are gorgeous! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Bought two pairs of earrings and love both."
9/20: Lindsay Loree MacDonald: "Thank you sooo much Tracey!!!!! I love my new purse soon as I opened d package I could smell d leather reminded me of coming to visit ur shop by Skinnys I love u and my new beautiful purse!!!!"
9/20: Lenny Parrow via Etsy (5 stars): "Just received my two lighter cases, one for me and one for my best friend, my son! Perfectly made, fits like a glove! Tracey does beautiful work! Do not hesitate to buy one, you will not be sorry! Pictures do not do it justice. I'll be back Tracey..... Count on it! already have my eyes on a couple other items! The money clip/one pocket looks awesome! And I"M SURE IT IS! Thank You for doing what you do! I'll be back soon! -HAPPY DUDE-"
8/20: Teresa via Facebook: "I was always my daddy's little helper, flash light holder and gopher when tools were needed. When my sisters and I cleaned out our parents home, I chose to clean out the dirty garage that was my dad's "peace" of the world. I found a roll of leather and a lot of comfort in my dad's garage during the process. As we were wrapping things up, my sister asked if anyone wanted my dad's wallet (it had definitely seen its better days) and of course I said I did, even though I assumed I would end up throwing it away. I contacted Awl Made Here (Tracey Keating, very talented by the way) and she made some of the most amazing things with the roll of leather (seen as the background in the picture) but the most amazing thing was the case she made out of my dad's wallet. I use it everyday and I am reminded of him and how grateful I am that he was my dad! Tracey, thank you a so much for the kindness and compassion you put into this project."  (A picture of Teresa & her dad on the beach when she was 2 (& the wallet made into a zippered case) is on the Gallery page)
8/20: Dede via Etsy (5 stars): "Received the lighter case I ordered for my coastie son! Fast shipping, Love it! I know he will also. Leather always smells soo good too❤😁"
8/20: Susan via Etsy (5 stars): "I Love this anklet...Very light weight....Perfect !!!"
8/20: Paige via Etsy (5 stars): "Thanks so much for the custom skillet pot holders - they work perfectly! Exactly what I had in mind."
8/20: Leilani via Etsy (5 stars): "very cute little bag and i enjoyed the handwritten touch on the letter inside! will definitely buy again!!"
7/20: Kathy via email: "Dear Tracey, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my purse handles. You did an excellent job in your craftsmanship work and I thank you!  I will keep you in mind for future projects!  Enjoy your summer!"
7/20: Amanda via Etsy (5 stars): "Love it! Beautiful and functional.Thank you!" (re: leather playing cards case)
7/20: Clare via Etsy (5 stars): "The pot holders arrived in time for my husband's birthday. He was delighted with his gift which he used for the BBQ. I received a lovely note from Tracy the seller. Excellent service. Thank you."
7/20: Julie: Comment via email: "Hi Tracey! Thank you , thank you for the belt repair.  Only YOU could have done it so fabulous that I can’t even tell it wasn’t like that originally!!  It is absolutely perfect and I am thrilled!"
7/20: Patricia: Comment via email: "Good afternoon! . . . pictures here of your beautiful key rings and also my favorite purse!  Thanks for sharing your gift with others!  These are wonderful!!!
6/20: Alexandra: Comment via email: "TRACEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!! I’M SOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH MY “JUNY”!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"..."Anyway, I just want you to know I LOVE HER!!!! I so appreciate you and your work, Tracey!!! (And so does the entire staff on the ER floor! I got complemented every time someone new came in!)Much love to you Tracey!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Lovin’ Ms. Juny, Alexandra"
6/20: Kathy Vargo: Comment via email: "Dear Tracey, Just had to let you know how much we love the personalized bag you made for us.  It is so beautiful and special.  Artistic and functional, the best of everything.  Thank you so much!"
5/20: Mary K: Comment via email: "hiya! got my new things i  LOVE- been enjoying new wallet have not had a new one in a very long time. the key ring fixes very well- light weight-- like the design. had a friend adjust bracelet for me feels great. Thank you so much- You all take care"
4/20: Marina: Comment via Facebook: "I LOVE THE BELT AND BUCKLE!!!! <3 <3 <3  My youngest said that's "sick" and wants to get one now. (laughing emoji) Thank you so much for doing it so quickly and for it being so awesome!"
4/20, Carla: Comment via email: "Tracy! Love my coin purse! Smells soooo good! I might also use it for earbuds. Thanks for the note and magnet too! I will possible order more. Thanks and take care!"
3/20, Colleen Bailey: Comment via text: "I 'love, love, love' the crossover bag and coin purse!!!" . . . "Thank you for all of your hard work its amazing! I know my father in law is looking down from heaven smiling right now :)"
2/20, Linda McMenamin: Comment via Facebook: "Great big thanks to Tracey Keating for reproducing my perfect wallet. (Which fell apart after 15+ years of abuse.) I love it Tracey! You are the bomb!!!!"
1/20, Eric Zucker: comment via email: "I'm just another very happy customer"
1/20, Kevin: comment via Instagram: "In a world of digital everything and next day shipping on the cheapest parts China can put out, I really appreciate a well crafted piece of art. I'm still stuck in the age of calendars and notepads and probably always will be. Tracey at Awl Made Here killed it on my new planner! It took some back and forth to get the design perfect, and she absolutely nailed it. I love the high quality leather, snaps and the blue stitching! If you need anything leather related, give her a shout!"
10/19, Alexandra: Comment via Facebook: "I’ve FINALLY purchased my first few items from Tracey Keating’s hand made works of leather, pieces which are truly ART!!! I’m so excited!!!! Check out the “Weekender” backpack, hanging keychain, and wallet I’ve selected at Tracy’s awesome website!!! She’s truly a talented and gifted artist!!!"
Name: Barbara: Comment via email: "Tracey. The potholder arrived today and it is lovely —— and will be useful. Thanks, Barbara B.
Name: Dave Gibbs: Comment via email: "Hi, Tracey, Thanks for the excellent work you did to restore my necklace to "better than new"! It's so nice to once again wear it, and it's even much better behaved now. The new leather back that you used is a much better fit, style-wise, and it looks like it will last a long time. . . I'm very happy with your work and fast shipping. I'd recommend you to anyone. Thank you"
Name: Koda: comment via Facebook: Tracey!! I am SO LUCKY to have met such a talented artist when we first visited St John! The leather work you've custom crafted are beautifully made and naturally age to become even more beautiful! I treasured my notebooks, both of which have "St John" footprints. Recently, our 10 yr old "puppy" felt inclined to pull one of them from my work bag and destroy it. You were able to lovingly recreate it for me, for which I am so grateful! ❤ Thank you for such beautiful pieces! I hope others find AWL MADE HERE and fall in love with your leather like I have!
Name: Mary: comment via email: "I love the journal!!!!!! It is perfect and I know my friend will love it too!!! Thank you so much!"
Name: Phil: comment via email: "Tracey: Got the wallet!  Thank you!  You went the extra mile..."
Name: Francesca: "Tracey, Thank you again for creating such a special holster for my vintage cap gun. I really love all the detail you did and that its one of a kind all hand made!"
Name: Joe Luebke: comment via FB: I bought these awesome leather bookmarks from my very talented friend Tracey Keating. Her company is Awl Made Here. She’s also repaired leather bags for me and her work is meticulous and beautiful. Her website is Go there and treat yourself to something beautiful and handcrafted❤️
Name: Debbie Gustin: comment via Facebook: "I bought several backpack bags from Tracey and still use them 10 years later. I'm all the time getting asked about them and where I had them made. She does wonderful work."
Name: Dan: comment via email: "Tracy, I just received my new belt you made and it fits perfectly just as you said it would. I really like it and wore it from the first time I tried it on. The foot prints on the end of the belt make it special and I plan to make it my personal beach belt. Thanks again for your help in making my Father's Day gift a special one."
Name: Pat Mazza: Comment via Facebook: This is the most gorgeous backpack I’ve ever seen . Just received in the mail from Tracey Keating I’m officially stylish. thank you!!!!!!! I ordered it. Picked color. And it’s even better than I expected:)
Name: "Cathy J Weems. Comment via Facebook: " I got mine in a the mail quickly! (bracelets/anklets) Tracey is not only a very cool artist, she's an amazing business woman. I'm so glad Awl Made Here is selling on FB! Such an easy way to buy art!"
Name: Debbie Gustin. Comment via Facebook: "Still have and use my backpack from 2008. People ask me about it all the time, so I give them your info. Sure miss living on St. John and our boat."
Name:William Moore, MI. Comment via Facebook: "I learned of Tracey and her work through our son (Dru), while visiting St. John over Christmas. On learning that hand-crafted custom leashes were among her offerings, I asked for a special order for our also special Yellow Lab “Rowland”… It was to be a double-thickness, 5 foot long, 1 inch wide, two-tone leash, with solid brass fittings and “Rowland” imprinted on it. Not long after we returned to the frozen Midwest, Rowlie’s Christmas present arrived! It’s such a beautiful piece of fine leatherwork that I almost hate to actually use it! The stitching, cutting, leather used, brass fittings, and all details are the very highest quality. Our sincerest thanks to Tracey for her beautiful work.
Name: Kylie, VA. Comment via Facebook: "Thank you Tracey Keating, for my little piece of St John to keep in my car! Beautiful work. Added some rasta colours to hang it with ?"
Name: Michelle Anderson Loveless, MD. Comment via Facebook: "I love your work and I'm sorry to say but the pictures don't really show the detail of your work. The first time I saw your bags, they looked like a very expensive designer bag ? without the $1,000 price tag! You have become my #1 Handbag Designer ;)
Name: Carla, MI. Comment via email: "Hi Tracey!  Well, you have done it again!  I am in awe of my new black bag.  It is a work of art and so beautiful, so solid and just perfect in size.  I am glad I went with black and I love the brown trim.  All the hardware is gorgeous and it feels sooooo good to  carry!  It is such a joy to look it all over and see nothing but perfection.  Every stitch is just right.   I will carry it for decades and be so proud of it.  You are an artist with very high standards, and I so respect that.  It is rare, I think.  Once again, you have brought a lot of joy to my life with your work.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Until next time, Carla"
Name: Cari, Il. Comment via email: "So here’s a funny story for you. My sister in law Jane and her husband always travel to St. John with my husband and I. They went without us one year for their anniversary and rented a cottage near you. She never met you but talked to you on the phone.  I mentioned to her yesterday that I had ordered a bracelet from you as a gift for a friend because I had met you when we were setting up a boat charter. She bought the same bracelet from you for herself on Etsy. Turns out we both loved you and your work without even knowing it. Small world. We agreed we both have excellent taste. And she loves her bracelet BTW. Thanks again Tracey!"
Name:Tricia Mattevi, St Thomas VI. Comment via facebook: "Tracey is incredibly artistic and quite impressive at her craft! I've had pieces of her work that have now lasted 16 years and going!"
Name: Susie Tunks, Frisco, CO. Comment: "HOLY CRAP, TRACEY!!! Are you KIDDING ME!??? I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE IT!!! Your craftsmanship is superb – neat lines, evenly spaced, care to detail… Perfect placement of the key, perfect slope and curve to the outside flap! EVERYTHING is perfect! How did you do that??? It is a perfect representation but with little details that I think make it MUCH BETTER! For example, the “X” stitching along the outside of the bag and the straight hand-stitching along the back flap is gorgeous and a MUCH more creative and individualized style that fits me much better; you eliminated the rivet on the back middle of the bag, which I am SO happy about because that was one thing I didn’t like about the original; the way you knotted instead of riveted the ties on the back and inside of the bag – MUCH better design and so much more natural, which again is my style; the way you folded over the cell phone pocket, which gives it much better strength since it will be put through a lot of wear; and the way you put your business name on a strip of leather on the inside of the bag!!! OMG I love it! I would not change one.single.little detail!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Tracey!!!! You ROCK!!!! I am sooooo proud of my bag!!!"  ** see pics of Susie's purse on the Customer Pics page.
Name: Carol Benda, Leland, NC. Comment via facebook: "I love, love, love the things I ordered and was sent very quickly. I am so happy and plan to continue to order more so keep showing me your great creations....."
Name: Carla Groenenboom, Grand Rapids, MI. Comment: "It is hard to find words to describe the fun experience of working with Tracey and Awlmadehere. I found her by purchasing her cool, 0-ring leather bracelet  in a shop on STJ. She is easy to find online, prompt and warm in her replies to inquiries, and insistent that you end up with what you REALLY want or need.  You end up feeling like you have a friend on STJ!  I also now own a high quality piece by Tracey:  a brown, pebbled leather hand-bag that I helped design (by combining several aspects of her existing bags)!  As a handbag collector, I have high standards, and this bag surpasses the best of the best.  Good leather pieces feel so good to use and touch, and this piece is a joy in those ways. The hardware is so beautiful, and I can tell each stitch is made with the MOST care!  And, carrying it, I feel closer to the piece of paradise that is STJ.  We  STJ lovers  appreciate reminders of that place when we can't be there in person.  I was in complete confidence that my order would be high quality, and Tracey asks that we come back to her if any (free) repairs are needed in the future, although I don't see that being needed. She has something for everyone in every price range and encourages custom work.  I can not overstate the special and rare experience this has been and I treasure my bag from Tracey and STJ.  Tracey, you are awlright!!!"
Name: Cindy, MA. Comment via TripAdvisor: "Stunning leather work! I've been buying wonderful leather goods from Tracey for over 10 years. I love her work! I've purchased journals, wallets, belts, and more. As they age, they just keep getting better and better."
Name: James Francis McManus, St John, VI. Comment via TripAdvisor: "Beautiful work that lasts forever. I first had Tracy make me a leather bag 13 years ago. I still use it everyday. My wife just this past Christmas gave me a wonderful custom receipt book holder. Impeccable craftsmanship and great customer service.
Name: Paola Giordano, NY. Comment via Facebook:  "I met Tracey, owner of Awl Made Here, on St John, USVI, several years ago. At the time she operated out of a small shop in Coral Bay. Her store was simple and lovely, and that is where I learned that she offers custom orders in addition to her regular pieces. I commissioned her to make me an amazing saddle type bag- which I use regularly to this day. It is exactly what I ordered, and was so happy to have it arrive after I returned home from paradise. It is well made, sturdy, and the leather is thick, soft, and indestructible. It is constructed well, and I receive loads of compliments. If you are on St John, I highly recommend you take the time to find Tracey and purchase one of her creations!
Name: Eleanor Bole, UK. Comment via Facebook: "Loads of people in UK admire my back packs and the small bags of different colours which you made for me many many years a go. Love your drinks mats too"
Name: Lyn Elsmore, VA. Comment: "Hi Tracey, Just received my order.....I was surprised because I didn't place the final order until 5/29....thank you for having it done so quickly!!  This is not my first time buying your products....and as always.....the items showed amazing craftsmanship!  I purchased personalized card holders/wallets for my daughters and a reversible belt for myself.....all of the items.....just beautiful!!  Thank you!!!  Lyn"
Name: Don Amendolia. Comment via Etsy: "Beautiful leather carefully made. Simple and special."

Name: Brad Henry, MA.  Comment: "So many of my connections do variations of what I do (trial lawyers, judges, mediators, general counsel, expert witnesses, etc.), that I find it refreshing to be able to provide favorable comment for someone so deserving who is so completely outside of that world. Not a day goes by that I do not have my hands on work that you have done and, as a result, I have the peaceful benefit of reflecting frequently on St. John, its lifestyle and all its artists. I hope you know how much I appreciate THAT!"
Be well. Brad Henry - Boston
Name: Ryan Weaver, WA. Comment via Etsy: "Beautiful craftsmanship and stellar customer service."
Name: Kathy Chica Kennedy, WV.  Comment via Facebook: "I love my apron! I've started wearing it in the shop on days I remerchandise the floor. I can fit all my gear (hammer, nails, scissors, pen etc.) and have it at my fingertips while I work. The denim pockets on the sides help me keep organized and the front pocket is for phone and paper. I use the belt loops for quick access to tools depending on the project. I think the tie on the side is genius! The apron lays nicer on the hips, as opposed to the tie in the back. The weight distribution for me, considering I am loading it up with tools & such, is very comfortable on my hips. Tracey, I'm coming back for more, for sure! Thanks for a great product and I wish you all the best luck there is! Kathy Oh, I am wearing it today which is why I am so inspired, and I think it's hysterical that Bain (my husband) didn't know I was wearing the apron!"
Name: David Ford.  Comment: "My men’s bracelet is stunning and beautifully made. It arrived quickly and was well packaged.  I plan to order more items, and I plan to tell all of my friends to do the same."
Name: Susan Bartley, DE. Comment via Etsy: "This mini tool bag is perfect. Fast shipping. Great communication. Thinking about ordering another one!!!"
Name: Erica Dash, ME.  Comment via Facebook:    “Hi Tracey Keating, very nice to see you again. Just wanted to say…. That amazing bag you made and sent to me makes EVERYBODY so envious. I love it. I use it for my weekend bag. So. so, so many compliments. I’d love to eventually order more. I would like a couple of different sizes and my step daughters are crazy for one.. Let me work on my budget and get back to you in a couple of weeks/months. My fiance even wants one… I will not let anybody borrow mine. Amazing quality; perfectly made."
Name: Wally, USVI. Comment: "you have the greatest, most creative products. It’s great seeing your passion for art."
Name: Ox, MD. Comment: "hi tracey. just cruzing your site with my grandson, joshua. he is 14 now. love the ox bag. i use it all the time."
Name: Marcy, SC.  Comment: "Tracey — I love all of it. Your bags are beautiful." 
Name: Jean, USVI.  Comment: "Your work is great and I so enjoy seeing all the different ideas you come up with.  Keep up the good stuff."