GALLERY: Fabric & Upcycled Denim

Awl Made Here has AWESOME customers. Here are some of their pics, some shop pics, and random pics from along the way.

Welcome to the FABRIC & DENIM section! Please note: these items are not listed to purchase as they are always changing colors & patterns and/or they were custom orders. If interested in one or some of the below, head over to the CONTACT page to leave me a message. I will get back to you promptly to discuss design ideas. Thanks!

Sling Hobo Bags. A combination of fabric (body) and leather (strap, bottom & inside pocket). Forever changing fabrics and color combinations but always fun, unique, and different from one another. I've been making these hobo bags for many years and the style is a tried-and-true favorite. Usable space inside is approx 11" x 11" x 9", but the top of the bag and the strap make it a rather large purse (see pics below). Each one has an inside pocket with velcro and bag cinches closed with a drawstring. Most straps have a natural edge where it is sewn onto the body; cut from the irregular border of a hide. ($94 plus s&h) #P255

Sling Hobos ($94 plus s&h) #P255 

Sling Hobos ($94 plus s&h) #P255

Fun ladies with their fun Sling Hobos! ($94 plus s&h) #P255

The Kathy Tote. After receiving an enormous box of Levi's from Kathy & Jimmy, I made Kathy this bag... and have been making them ever since. ($50 plus s&h) #JEAN206

Kathy Totes. ($50 plus s&h) #JEAN206

On the left is a purse made from bluejeans with a necktie as the shoulder strap. I've been making this style bag for a long, long time (#JEAN208). On the right is a version of the "Kathy Tote" (see listing above), but with short handles instead of shoulder straps (#JEAN206H). 

Gotta love the pose. Not only does she have a leather eye patch (arrgh!), but a Kathy Tote, too! 

Jeans Purses w/necktie straps. ($42 plus s&h) #JEAN208

Jeans Purses w/necktie straps. ($42 plus s&h) #JEAN208

These pics are all of one bag, a large duffel. It was a mix of colorful fabrics (body) and leather (sides, strap, and zippered panel at the top). SIZE: Approx 22" x 11" x 11" and strap is adjustable ($150 plus s&h) #D204.

This is also a large duffel, same specs as above. 

Half Aprons. Always made from a pair of jeans with a fabric backing in different colors & patterns. ($42 plus s&h) #JEAN201

Cute Susie with her half apron (#JEAN201).

Lori (she IS a rising star!) with her half apron (#JEAN201).

FULL APRONS: Short, Medium and Long. Scroll down for details:

SHORT full coverage aprons. Made from various parts of a pair of jeans and backed with ever-changing fabrics. They reach mid-thigh on most. Approx 26" from top to bottom. They tie at the neck and at the waist. ($46 plus s&h) #JEAN203

Short apron made from a pair of overalls instead of jeans (#JEAN203)

MEDIUM full cover aprons reach just above the knee on most. Made from jeans and backed with fabric. Always new colors & patterns. Approx. 30" from top to bottom. They tie at the neck and at the waist. ($48 plus s&h) #JEAN204

Cathy in her Half Apron and her husband in his Long Apron!  🙂

LONG full cover aprons. Longer and fuller than the rest, these aprons reach mid shin on most. Also made from jeans backed with fabric. Approx. 36-1/2" from top to bottom. They tie at the neck and at the waist. ($54 plus s&h) #JEAN207

Gail in her Long apron (#JEAN207)

An artist at her Long Apron, of course! (#JEAN207)

Just look at this little cutie in her kids apron! These aprons measure 22" from top to bottom and they tie at the neck and at the waist. ($35 plus s&h) #JEAN202

A family of aprons! Mary (in the green shirt) had the amazing idea to have aprons made for her daughters & granddaughters as Christmas gifts. Each apron was made from upcycled blue jeans as well as items that "meant something" to each receiver (fabric from favorite PJ's or dresses from their youth, ribbon from great grandmothers sewing box, shirt pocket from daddy's tee, buttons, lace, etc). This was such a fun custom order!! Thanks Mary!


Pillows made from the legs of bluejeans and accented with fun fabrics and tassels on each corner. Approx 12" x 20". 

Dog Toys. Made from the pant leg of a pair of jeans, sewn into the shape of a dog bone. Stuffing is fabric and denim scraps. Customizable (see leather patch below). Approx. 11" long. ($24 plus s&h) #JEAN205

Magnum with his "GOOD DOG" toy... because he IS a good dog! 🙂 #JEAN205