Awl Made Here has AWESOME customers. Here are some of their pics, some shop pics, and random pics from along the way.

Welcome to the BAG section! Please note: these items are not listed to purchase as they are forever changing colors, some colors aren't available anymore, and/or they were custom orders. If interested in one of the below, head over to the CONTACT page to leave me a message. I will get back to you promptly to discuss available colors & designs. Thanks!

Tallship Totes are supersoft leather bags that are not only leather on the outside, but on the inside as well! They have a soft feel but hold their shape. There is a single pocket outside, deep enough for a cell phone. SIZE: approx 10-1/2" x 12" wide across the top, tapering to 7-1/2" x 6-1/2" at the bottom. The outside pocket is 7-1/2" x 7" wide and the straps have a 16" drop (Est: $125 and USA shipping is included). #BG254

The Marni Foldover. This bag can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder and strap is removable. Made from lightweight leather, the main compartment zippers closed and can be used as a "half bag" with the flap folded over, or as a "full bag" with the top in the upright position. There is a zippered pocket outside and an open pocket inside. SIZE: upright: 12" x 15" x 5-1/2 at the bottom. Sides taper from 5-1/2" at the bottom to a narrow top.(Est: $200 w/s&h included) #BG286

Large Multicolored Tote. Fun & funky! Inside has large pocket, straps are wide for comfort and weight distribution, and bag cinches tight with buckle at the front. SIZE: approx 13 x 13" x 5-1/4". Straps are 2" wide with an approx 16" drop. (Est: $180 w/free s&h in the USA) #BG257

The Smothers Supreme. This design is a throwback from the early 2000's. Mrs. Smothers came into my shop and encouraged me to duplicate her existing bag (the originals were made in deerskin). Bag ties closed and is roomy inside with 2 inside pockets. I make this bag in lots of colors, usually soft and slouchy, lightweight leathers (SEE BELOW). SIZE: useable space is approx 11" x 11" x 8-1/2 deep. Sides taper from 8-1/2" at the bottom to 5-1/2" at the top. (Est: $150 plus/minus, depending on leather. Free S&H in the US) #P201 

This is also the Smothers Supreme! Made in supersoft, slouchy leather. See specs above. (#P201)

The 3-Way Pack in a custom color: Raspberry. See more HERE.

More custom colors for The 3-Way Pack.

This small but mighty purse was designed after those purple Crown Royal whiskey bags! Both front & back have a pocket with velcro for smaller items. The main compartment closes by drawstring. Size: approx 5" x 9" x 3" wide (Est: $135 shipping included). #P278

Slouchy Suede Crossbody. Soft and supple suede bag has a wide, fabric strap. Roomy inside with one open inside pocket. SIZE: approx 11" x 13"h. (Est: $70 w/free S&H in the USA) #P294 

A little blurry, but this is the Compass Rose Satchel (a few years in). Lindsay designed this bag for everyday use. It has two front pockets with zippers, and a zippered main compartment. Strap is adjustable. SIZE: Approx. 8-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 2-1/4" (Est: $175 w/free shipping in the USA) #BG291

The Fancy Nancy Backpack in a custom color. 

Classic Man's Sling. Made in rigid, vegetable tanned leather, the color will darken considerably with time & use. Bag has three outside pockets and one inside pocket w/a zip. Shoulder strap is adjustable and double layered for strength. Hand-stitched with waxed thread. SIZE: 11" x 12"h x 4". (Est: $300 w/free USA shipping) #BG241

Are we having fun yet? (YES! 😁) See the bag on the left HERE, and backpacks similar to the one on the right, HERE

Bucket Bag. Main compartment closes with a tasseled zipper. Two deep pockets: one open inside pocket and one open outside pocket. Adjustable strap. SIZE: 13"h x 11" across the top. Bag tapers to 5" x 8" at the bottom. Strap is adjustable with 16" to 20" drop. (Est: $170 w/free s&h in the USA) #P213 

Similar to The Chey Backpack, this version has initials on the flap and a handle added at the top. Hit the link for specs. 

XS Crossbody Purse. This compact & sturdy leather purse can be used as a small everyday bag, or a passport purse for travel. The original design had 3 pockets to fit passport, folded $, and cards but I think I might tweak the design to fit todays larger cell phones too! (Est: $88 includes USA shipping) #P283

Small Messenger Bag. Classic style messenger can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest. Bag has one pocket inside and one outside (under the flap). The adjustable 1-1/2" wide strap is double-layered, as is the flap. Bag is hand-stitched with leather lacing. Size: 12-1/2" x 8-3/4" x approx 3" deep (Est: $180, USA shipping included) #BG259

Similar to The Chelle Belle, this version has an irregular flap, a wider adjustable strap, and a magnetic snap closure. Hit the link for details.

Doug's Messenger & Doug's Backpack. The messenger has 2 pockets underneath the flap with velcro, and 2 open pockets on the front of the bag. There is one inside pocket. Flap closes with 2 heavy duty plastic clips. Bag has a handle and a wide, adjustable strap. SIZE: 11-1/2" x 16" x 4" (Est: $350 w/free S&H in the USA) #BG263

The full sized Backpack has a zippered front pocket and 2 side pockets, as well as one inside pocket. Adjustable straps are double layered for strength. SIZE: 15"h x 11" x 6" (Est: $300 w/free S&H in the USA). #BP222

The Durable Dudette. Shown in black & red but available in many color combinations. Bag zippers closed and has one large, open pocket outside and one large, open inside pocket. Hand-stitched with round leather lacing. SIZE: approx 12" x 14"h x 2". (Est: $195 w/free s&h in the USA) #P272

Computer Bag. This soft, lightweight leather will form a beautiful patina with time & use. Straps are adjustable and bag has two outside pockets and one inside pocket. It is double layered so the inside of the bag is also smooth leather... nice! SIZE: approx 18" x 16" (Est: $200 w/free s&h in the USA) #BG285

Rachel with her version of The Angelina Tote.

Kevin's Backpack. Soft yet sturdy, this backpack was made with the scarring on the hide as the focal point on the flap. Bag has 2 front pockets and an open inside pocket. Straps are adjustable. All hardware is chrome over a solid brass base. SIZE: approx 15"h x 11" x 6". (Est: $275 w/free S&H in the USA) #BP202

The Annie Bag. Fashioned after Annie's original bag that had finally worn itself out. Bag has a zippered main compartment, a small zippered pocket inside, as well as a zippered pocket outside. Bag has handles and a removable strap. SIZE: 12" x 10"h x 5". (Est. $175 w/s&h in the USA included) #P299


The TK Original. The brushed brown leather (shown) eventually forms a wonderful patina! Bag has tassel accents on each side and a zippered closure with tassel pull. Purse has an open pocket at the back for cell phone and an open pocket inside as well. Focal point is a recycled belt buckle. Original straps (shown) were too narrow (uncomfortable!) and therefore have been reworked. New design has a flat, 1-1/2" wide strap. SIZE: approx 11" x 9"h x 2-1/2" deep (Est: $175 (you provide centerpiece) with USA shipping included) #P292

**See leather key strap info here.

The Reina Backpack. Photo is poor quality, sorry. This was a beefy backpack that I made for Reina, a custom order. Made in burgundy Latigo leather (gorgeous stuff), it was heavy duty, all hand-stitched with leather lacing, and all hardware was solid brass. One inside pocket, two open side pockets outside, and two buckled pockets on the outside, front. SIZE: 15"h x 11" x 6" (Est: $400 w/s&h in the USA included) #BP203

Angie's Mini. A small, colorful, zippered bag. Lightweight and soft with an adjustable strap. Can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. SIZE: approx 5" x 6-1/2" h. Sides of bag are 2-1/2" at the bottom and taper to 1-1/2" at the top. (Est: $68 w/shipping in the US included) #P295

Carla's Carryall. Purse opens & closes with a quick-release clasp. Adjustable strap and one open inside pocket. SIZE: 9" x 10-3/4" x 4". (Est: $175 with USA shipping included) #BG269

 See Mini Backpacks HERE

Large suede clutch with wrist strap. This version is made in a pretty brown suede. Hit the link here for specs.

Eric's Backpack. Talk about a unique design! If I remember correctly, Eric had an old backpack that he got in Spain that had finally worn out. He brought it to me so I could duplicate it, which is what you see above. He swore by the design, saying the bag hugged the body instead of "poking out". As you can see, it is quite roomy and slopes at the bottom, toward the back of the bag. (*Please send a message for more specs) #BP204 

The Mazza Brief. Two outside pockets, one inside pocket, adjustable strap, solid brass hardware. Hand-stitched with waxed thread. SIZE: 16" x 12-1/2" x 4"deep. (Est: $300 with USA S&H included) #BG249

O-Ring Bag with irregular flap. Roomy inside has one, large open pocket. Strap attaches to bag by two large, solid brass rings. Strap is fixed (not adjustable) with a 20" drop. SIZE: approx 12" x 12". Sides taper from 4" at bottom to narrow at the top. (Est: $150 S&H included) #BG260

The Barbara Jean. Made in one of my favorite leathers, it is pebbled black and soft, yet strong. Decoratively hand-stitched with waxed thread. Bag closes at the top with a magnetic snap and has 2 inside pockets. SIZE: 10-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 3" at the bottom. (Est: $155 w/free S&H in the USA) #BG288

Pam's Twin Purses. These small and compact purses were a custom order, adorned with special coins and silver spots. SIZE: 6-3/4" x 4-1/4"h x 2 (Please send a message for more info) #P300

Bob's Doetan Backpack. This was a custom backpack made in "soft butter" cowhide that resembles deerskin. Very roomy with lots of pockets and solid brass hardware. I can make this in other colors too. SIZE: Approx. 15"h x 12" x 6" (Est: $335 w/free S&H in the USA) #BP223

Crossbody Sack. Distressed leather bag has raw, angled flap and adjustable strap. It has a roomy main compartment and an open pocket at the back (fit's cell phone). Sewn with round leather lacing. SIZE: 11" x 12"h (Est: $140 with s&h in the USA included) #BG287

Small Wristlet. Bag zips at the top and has matching wrist strap and zipper pull. SIZE: 6" x 8" (Est: $45 w/s&h included in the USA) #BG276W

"CAK" Wristlet. Soft leather pouch with wristlet and personalization. SIZE: approx 10-1/2" x 5-1/2". Wrist loop opening is approx 6" and attaches to the zipper. ($75 personalized / $60 without) #P301

There she is! A two-fer... custom bag, custom wallet!

The Girly Gurl. A very unique tote-style bag. Large with a roomy main compartment and 2 outside pockets (one on each side of the bag). Made from soft leather and hand-stitched with round leather lacing. Seams have a "ruffled" appearance. The wide, comfortable straps have a 14-1/2" drop. SIZE: 14-1/2" at top tapering to 17" at the widest point toward the bottom. (Est $175 w/free S&H in the USA) #P288

The Clare Weaver Bag. Wow, can that woman come up with good bag designs!! She is also responsible for The Clare Flair Tote (see options on this page: here). The leather bag above was made so that the smooth leather is not only outside, but inside as well. It is a soft leather but still holds its shape. There was a front pocket, a back pocket, and a full inside pocket too. Decorative stitching and solid brass hardware. Size: Approx. 15" x 9"h x 5" (Est: $275 with S&H in the USA included) #P253

Susie with her fanny pack. See more HERE

Duffel Bag. Similar to Ox's Travel Bag, this one is made in contrasting colors that will eventually form a beautiful patina with time & use. Hit the link for specs.

And finally, a collection of custom bags by Awl Made Here that belong to dear Eleanor in England  :)