Leather Care

Love Your Leather & Your Leather Will Love You!
Since leather is a natural product and not man-made, every hide has its own characteristics. Hides vary in color, finish, shape and size, essentially making every piece of leather - and the things made from it - one of a kind.
Getting your new leather item from Awl Made Here can be exciting (the smell...the feel...). You'll probably be careful with it for awhile. Then, the inevitable first scrape or scuff happens. Don't worry! It's not ruined! Leather is tough stuff and can take most abrasions with ease. Certain leathers will surface scratch more than others. Sometimes all it takes is a good buffing (rub in circular motions with a clean, soft cloth) and that will do the trick. Once you get used to having your new piece around, you'll be less afraid of USING it and you'll notice that scrapes & scuffs actually enhance the beauty of what you have. Softer leathers will require less-harsh use but still, it’s leather, so it’s good stuff!
Spot cleaning is recommended, if necessary. Dip a clean, damp cloth into soapy, warm water and gently wipe away any stain or dirt on your leather. Saddle soap is another great option for cleaning (see notes below).
In time you may notice that your leather feels a bit dry. This means it's time to condition! Good products are Mink Oil Paste, Saddle Soap, or "leather conditioner" (Kiwi and Fiebings are trusted brands). Try a test spot first as these products may darken or discolor your leather. Note: these are not meant to be used on suede! Follow the product directions as advised.

A word on storage. If you don't use your leather often and decide to store it in a trunk or in a closet, please just don't (as in never, EVER) store it in plastic. Leather needs to breathe and plastic won't let that happen.

It only gets better...  With time & use, you’ll see that your leather will change and soften, and sometimes form a nice patina - all adding to the beauty and personality of each individual piece.
You don’t wear it out, you wear it in! 
Thank You!