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Leather Scraps

JEWELRY MAKERS / ARTISTS, this may be for YOU. As I work on different leather projects on any given day at my workbench, unless the pieces are super small, I toss my scraps into a bin. Inevitably the scrap pile grows and grows until one day I must empty my bin because I just can't cram in any more scraps.  I have a 5 (+) pound bag of leather & suede scraps- available right now for $ $ $ TWENTY BUCKS $ $ $ Give me a holler if interested please. Thanks! (**16.9oz water bottle in photo is for size reference)     To follow this blog, bookmark this link: https://awlmadehere.com/blogs/news

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New Year New Blog

Welcome to the life & times of a leatherworker! For those of you that are new to Awl Made Here, I am a one person leather-craft biz and have been at it for over 25 years now. It's way more than  just a hobby, it's my j-o-b. It's how I make a living, and lucky me - I love it. If you have questions about leather, I'm your gal. I'll do my best to answer them all. If you need to get in touch and you send an inquiry from the website or an email, or call or text, I will be the one to respond. The photographs on the site of my product? That's me. I take the pics. Shipping? Yep,...

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