Tooled Leather

Soooo many things I want to make!
I definitely want to get more tooling incorporated into my leatherwork. I've always felt like the amount of time it takes to tool, carve & stamp leather way exceeds the dinero I'd get for the job. But you know what? Its not all about the dinero, right? Sometimes you just gotta do things and not concern yourself with the other parts that may be attached to that thing. One of my old posts on fb  reappeared the other day and it reminded me how much I like the process.
Here it is:
It was a small piece, maybe 5" x 5" and pretty darn simple. But I like it! I've done pieces where I allowed myself to get lost in the rhythm of it. No pattern to follow and no right or wrong. Now THAT'S fun.
* * *
This was a tooled holster I made. My first one and once I got over being nervous about screwing it up, I absolutely loved making it! 
The rose was the main focus of course, but the leaves were fun too. 
* * *
This piece here is ancient. I still have it. I made it like 25+ years ago when Awl Made Here was just a baby.
* * *
I think I may spend some time on tooled belts soon.  
Maybe I'll make some of those cool belts from the 70's with flowers, etc.