Gallery & Custom Orders

Awl Made Here has AWESOME customers. Here are some of their pics, some shop pics, and random pics from along the way.



  Katie via Etsy: "Great quality and a beautiful red color. A little bigger than I was expecting and the picture doesn't do the color justice"

  Two boys, two Branklets! Gail & Johns grandsons show us how to wear 'em.

 Jennifer with her three leather belts, purse and bracelet. A loyal customer indeed!  

 Motorcycle tool bag- replaced! "Thanks for the beautiful work Tracey! Good for another 39 years!" (thanks Dan!)

 Thanks Cindy & Harry!

  Heather & Jimmy's little one on the way will have a pair if suede baby moccasins.  :)

    Kim Lyons sends a pic and leaves a review! 

  A Branklet with that cool watch!


 Two-Dog Leash

 Custom Speed Loader

  Our State Magazine shows suede pot holders again! September 2021 Issue 🙂

  Rena's suede moccasins & custom belt.

  From Charissa on Etsy: "This case is exactly what I was looking for! The deck of cards in my purse was getting so beat up I thought I was going to have to switch it out, but now I think I can keep it holding on for a while yet. The case is lightweight yet sturdy, and it has that handmade look that I love. Plus, the color is amazing."
 Jennifer's custom expandable bag.
 Leather Bowls
  Lacey gets a new teal collar

 Darby inhaling the fabulous aroma from her new leather tote-  (lol)


                                       Custom gun belt & holster!                                          

 A post from Sean. Thanks Sean!


 Our State Magazine June 2021 issue shows my suede pot holders! 🙂









Aran and his bevy of belts! 


 Cute Ezra gets a new suede coat.


    Aprons - aprons everywhere! Thanks for the great pics, you two!  :)


 Kristina found me on Etsy too. She got a handful of little leather pouches in different colors. She says: "Perfect little rosary pouch, helped make Christmas giving super special!"


A case for a deck of playing cards in mossy green leather, Laura says, "It’s beautifully made and the color is absolutely amazing. It’s a wonderful forest green and the craftsmanship is excellent." (Thanks Laura!)


 Kristina gets a compass rose too...on her custom notebook cover! 


  Lindsay's new bag: zippered pockets & compass rose of course! 


 Server Aprons! Blue Jeans & fabric. Approx 11" x 23" with 3 pockets. Made to order. ($38)


 LONG APRONS: approx 27.5 x 36.5L & 10" across the chest, these reach about mid-shin. Ask for what's in stock! ($48 ea)

 MEDIUM  APRONS: approx 28 x 30L & 10" across the chest, they reach just above the knee on most. Please send along a message to see what's in stock. ($44 ea)

  SHORT APRONS: approx 24 x 26L & 10" across the chest, these reach about mid thigh. Want to see what's in stock? ($40 ea) Send a message...

  HALF-APRONS: Approximate measurements are 15-16" across the top, 16" top to bottom, and 22-23" across the bottom (please ask to see whats in stock $35ea).

  A cute little girl got one of my denim & fabric "kid aprons" at the Oak Island market today. She was kind enough to smile for the camera too! (Ask whats in stock if interested ($32ea))

 In addition to several other items made from her "family leather", Teresa had a zippered case made out of her fathers wallet. She tells a beautiful story... you can see it on the Reviews page.

 Suede pot holders for Clare. "The pot holders arrived in time for my husband's birthday. He was delighted with his gift which he used for the BBQ. I received a lovely note from Tracy the seller. Excellent service. Thank you."

 A custom notebook cover with the outline of St John USVI. From Joel: "Tracey, This turned out really nice and is perfect! Thanks again." 

 Here's Whiskey River sportin' his "Whiskey River Leash"... gotta love those ears.

. Talk about recycled! Blue jeans & neckties made into purses (approx. 8" x 11"). Send a message to see whats in stock...



  From Patricia: "Good afternoon! . . . pictures here of your beautiful key rings and also my favorite purse!  Thanks for sharing your gift with others!  These are wonderful!!!"

 Hahahaaa, now here's a fun customer pic! Lol, thanks Tim!  :)

 Custom Game Bag for Kathy Vargo's son. The design they provided me represents a 20-sided die, so I burned it onto a patch and added it to the bag...

  Little collars for little cuties!


 SO cute! From John Panzer: "My Grandson Leo loving his leash for Charlie one of his Shiba Inu bodyguards!" 

  Leather Bowls

 From Jay: "Love my new handmade leather card wallet I picked up from Barn and Beach Designs in Southport, NC. The sturdy quality, attention to detail and feel is amazing! Thank you! #barnandbeachdesigns #awlmadehere #leatherisforever #southportcrafts #shoplocal #shoplocalsouthport"


  About her new 'Ladies Cuff' Kimberly McCoy says, "Umm..Absolutely Beautiful work.! <3"

  Tooled holster. A very fun project for me! 

  From Joe Luebke, "Donna LOVED the journal. Thank you,thank you, thank you! I knew you would create something perfect❤️"

  Belt bag.


 A new leather collar & leash for Rosco!


   Many moons ago from her father in law, Colleen got a soft & supple deerskin. We got together and we made a plan... Today its a crossbody purse and a zippered coin bag! Thanks for the pics Colleen Bailey! (see her comments on the Reviews Page)


 Renee's custom paw-print Key Strap.


   Collars for Rosco!


 Notebook cover w/St John VI coordinates for Stephanie Rogers Robinson: "Welp, Tracey Keating, owner of AWL MADE HERE has done it again! Absolutely no one has the true craftsmanship with Leather the way she does! I have several purses and other pieces that she has custom made. So fortunate to have stayed in touch with her after our first meeting in Coral Bay 7-8ish years ago! If you are into leather goods you have to check her out! Always worth every penny!" 


 A trio from the Trujillo's! Devin & Tiffany: "Thanks so much! You are so talented and we both love your work!"


  Repaired straps for Amanda Wike Wilson..."Great work!! Thank you so much!!!"



Linda McMenamins Custom Wallet (see her comments on the Reviews Page)


  Kevin's Custom Planner (see his comments on the Reviews Page)


  Jolly ditty


 Mary Jo: "I received the leash today. It looks great! This boy can't wait to use it!...I'm putting it in his [Christmas] stocking alongside my childrens..."


 Rena: "YOU ARE A LEATHER GODDESS. I LOVE MY MOCS. They feel like they were handmade for My Feet....Oh Wait THEY WERE...                                           

1st pic Christmas 2018 from Rich
2nd pic Christmas 2019 
To Me, From Me, With All My Love" 


  Hip pouch


   Custom Briefcase

 Susie: "Broke it in on my errands today already! Woohoo!"..."Thank you so much!! *clutches bag to chest* feeling the love"


Koda's "replacement" notebook (see her comments on the Reviews page).


 Alexandra: "TRACY!!!!!I FKING LOVE IT!!!! Get your Holiday shopping done at!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TRACY!!! Thank You!!! -Alexi"


    Knee mocs, Ankle mocs, Baby mocs


 Dave: "Hi, Tracey, Thanks for the excellent work you did to restore my necklace to "better than new"!  It's so nice to once again wear it, and it's even much better behaved now.The new leather back that you used is a much better fit, style-wise, and it looks like it will last a long time.I'm very happy with your work and fast shipping. I'd recommend you to anyone.Thank you, Dave Gibbs"

Mary: "I love the journal!!!!! It is perfect and I know my friend will love it too!!! Thank you so much!🥰🥰🥰"


 Black leather pillows! Front & back.


 John Cochran with his custom Guitar Strap: "We played a big crowd at American Fish today"


   Lori: "Tracey is a leather artist. When she posted pics of her aprons made with recycled jeans and cool fabrics i thought it could be useful at work for my hand tools, etc...she created this one to be just a little more rugged and i think its gonna be great! 😘"


    Jasons wallet (yes, he's one bad mother fucker!)


 Leather Bookmarks made for Joe


   Fanny Pack


 John: "Lyla with Ella and Charlie!!"  (dog leashes, custom made)


  Rena: "Thank You So Much. They are beautiful, sooo comfortable. You are awesome"


     Betsy: "I still wear this barrette almost every day... from almost 20 years ago!"  And same, same goes for the bag!



  Guitar Strap


Pat Mazza: "This is the most gorgeous backpack I’ve ever seen . Just received in the mail from Tracey Keating I’m officially stylish. thank you!!!!!!! I ordered it. Picked color. And it’s even better than I expected:)"

  custom dog leash

  There's Doug, proudly showing off his Awl Made Here leather backpack & computer bag.


 Custom Cover


Teresa Collins: "Hi Tracey! I talked with you in Coral Bay last week in January and mentioned a purse my daughter bought from you when you had your shop by skinny legs -- a while ago! Wanted to send you a pic. My daughter, Amber, is still enjoying the bag and says it's still one of her very favorites!"



Who can spot James' backpack? :)

 James' backpack takes a ride!


 Logo transferred onto leather



'peace purse' rich dark brown



   Susie: "...I am sooooo proud of my bag!"

  Beva's little brown bag

  Nancy: "OMG! Totally love my purse and took it out for a drink! Thanks! You should make a fortune on these!!"


 Check out THOSE blue suede shoes!  :) 

  Sheila's Veg Tan bag

  Duffel w/mixed leathers


   Hobo Sling Bags


  Danielle- "Christmas bag from the greatest big seester evah!!!"


  Roxanne- "Just love this bag"

 The original 'Roxanne Bag'


  JK- "Look what...Awl Made Here made for me … leather covers for two of the most valued books on my shelf, both written by my grandfather in the 40’s. Protected, finally! Thank you, T!"



        Rob @ Rhiannons- "The (Rhiannons) checkbook cover is about 15 years old and the gig bag probably 20 years old!!!"


  Eagle carving

   Lori's bag


   5-gallon bucket Bag


   Jasons chess board




Eleanor- "Me, with first backpack that you made, with English grandson at the model village, Beaconsfield, England". And, "Another photo on your lovely bags. I use my back packs all the time and the small bags when I am going out and only need to carry a purse and glasses. I love them and never buy a bag from anywhere else . Some of these are 12 years old I love your work."



'El Bole' Backpacks- black & brown

  James, in Parque Nacional Bosque de Fray Jorge, Chile- "Your backpack works well as a dry bag on the fishing boats in Rapa Nui as well."



  Lauren- "England trip journal, I added the ink stamps"




Michelle- "Wanted to thank Tracey Keating for my 3rd purse that I received today in the mail, I love it !"




Kerrin- "ck out the rugged bracelet that i never take off haha    ....   still life with...pouch  ...  maybe I'll have someone else take the anklet pic since me doing it by myself just makes my feet look awkward"



      Elan- "Our amazing wedding photo album. Thank you so much, Tracey."



   Vic- "Where it had grown old...I am quietly proud" (Apron made from recycled jeans & neck ties)


 XS Backpack





 Marijuana leaf on cigarette case

Custom Journals 

   Doug- "Blast from the past. Only fits bottles or Schaefer"  (leather coozie, above) & "Best computer bag ever" (below).


   o-ring belt

 Joyce: "your suede potholder can also be used as a trivet ... did you know this?  A couple nights ago I had to remove my pot of rice off the burner because I had forgotten about it and it was boiling over.  All the other burners had pots on them so I moved the VERY hot pot  onto the kitchen table where my suede potholder was - I left it there while I cleaned up my mess.  Five minuets later I moved the pot into the sink, lifted the potholder (holding my breath because I really like my table) and everything was fine.  No burn, no steam mark even."